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The essences and fragrances of our beautiful land will soothe your skin before and after exposure to the sun. Skilled hands will allow the precious essences to go deep through your skin, stimulating the cells and offering an unconditioned wellness to your face and body.


Obsidian Helichrysum

Deep cleansing thanks to the helichrysum, gentle exfoliation thanks to the obsidian and above all immediate radiance thanks to the Triple Lemon mask. Ideal for making your skin ready to specific treatments.

30 min. € 55,00


Hydra Maris

For a visibly soothed and hydrated skin. Thanks to the action of Mediterannean Algae combined with sea-minerals, this treatment is perfect for a deep hydration that will soothe and soften your skin, even after exposure to the sun.

50 min. € 85,00


Triple Lemon

For a radiant, glowing skin, simply magnificent. Hesperidin from lemon peel stimulates microcirculation, while a blend of alpha hydroxy acids present in the fruit gently removes dead cells. Finally, the properties of the lemon give the skin a greater tone and perfection.

50 min. € 85,00



This treatment will restore the youthful appearance of your skin, making it firmer and more radiant. The main ingredient is Cannonau grape from Sardinia, which contains up to 3 times the level of Anti-Ageing polyphenols than other grapes. Its extract provides powerful anti-oxydant protection, increases Collagen production and boosts Skin's Youth Protein Sirtuin-1 synthesis.

50 min. € 110,00


Corallo AI3

For a visibly smoother skin and reduced wrinkles. This treatment combines the effectiveness of Hyaluronic Acid at three different molecular weights with an exclusive red coral powder from the Mediterranean Sea. The Triple Hyaluronic Acid instantly hydrates, replumps and helps redensify the skin.

50 min. € 110,00